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June 27 2017

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Instead, Amélie cultivates a taste for small pleasures…

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I love the tumblr and instagram of @loversoft SO MUCH

at least i just got to know that i didn’t fuck up my politics project

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tomorrow i’ll get my grades and i’ll know that my big dream (taking the second semester off and going to Nice) died 

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Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert at French Film Festival in Tokyo, June 22, 2017.

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I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.
A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh
(via anditwasmonday)
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me: there’s a sad girl in my coffee
barista: that’s your reflection
me: :(
barista: :(

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I made these to put up around my school for my school’s GSA. They are quotes from some little known bisexuals about their bisexuality.

Lets stop bisexual erasure and remember, bisexuality is real!

Bisexual erasure is a huge thing, even in the LG community. Let’s raise the awareness!

June 26 2017

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A tribute to a bitchin’ mural that doesn’t exist anymore. 

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to uk peeps




























so you guys are facing down yet another global warming summer and as an american i feel entitled to barge over and give you a lot of advice about how to live your life. also i’m used to surviving 90-110 degree summers (32—43 celsius) with no ac. so here we go. 

  • you need to drink  a lot of water. on average you should be drinking about two liters. on hot days, double that. 
  • fill plastic water bottles halfway up and stick them in your freezer. take them out once they’ve frozen and fill the rest up with water, drink the water, fill it up again, and carry it around with you until it’s time to get the next ice bottle. also you can put the icy end against your throat or over your chest for maximum refreshment.
  • consider making a lot of sun tea. get big glass jars or a pitcher. put a bunch of your preferred teabags in it with some sugar. if you want to be an american southerner, your tea should be green or black and your sugar amount should be enough to kill a child. if you want to be sane, put in as little sugar as you can get away with so it’s not dehydrating, and stick with herbal teas because the last thing you want during the heat of the day is a caffeine boost. leave your tea on a windowsill. after a few hours it’s steeped and you can put it in the fridge. tadaaa. 
  • fruit juice, soda pop, beer, and a lot of sports drinks like gatorade all dehydrate you, and in really hot weather they’re dangerous because people will drink them instead of water. drink an equal amount of water as anything with sugar. see prior point about sun tea. 
  • when you sweat you lose salt. so don’t feel bad about eating some junk food. 
  • freeze grapes. eat the grapes. repeat. 
  • get a hat with a brim. baseball caps are ok but wide brimmed hats are better because they shadow the back of your neck and that’s one less thing to have to worry about. 
  • don’t wear knit caps. just… no. 
  • you don’t get more sunburned because it’s hot, you get more sunburned because when it’s hot you wear less clothes. so don’t freak out.
  • if you don’t have AC you can put a bowl of ice behind a fan. this creates a swamp cooler, by pulling the air over the ice. also, put on a wet t-shirt and sit in front of it, and you’ll cool further by evaporation. 
  • speaking of evaporation, watch out if it’s humid. you don’t cool down from sweating as much when the air’s already saturated. drink more water, have more salt, and change your shirt a lot. 
  • heatstroke is serious shit, and kids and the elderly are prone to it. but whatever your age, if you feel nauseous, headachy, or short of breath, the heat’s getting to you. pour your water bottle over your head and go sit in the shade. keep an eye on friends and family as well. 
  • if someone stops sweating when they’re still out in the heat, that’s serious business and get them medical treatment as soon as possible. it’s a case of dehydration and/or heatstroke.  

Other things that freeze really well, a short list:

  • Orange juice! Other fruit juices too, but I tend to have best results with oj or cider. Pour some into an empty ice-cube tray, let them freeze, and the result is slightly-flaky frozen goodness. This is also an easy way to make homemade popsicles–put a sheet of aluminum foil over top of the tray and stick toothpick/popsicle sticks in so the juice freezes around them.
  • Grapes were mentioned. Grapes are TRUE.
  • NOT SODAS. Do not freeze sodas! They explode.
  • Strawberries! These can be hard to find cheap, especially outside of strawberry season, and I don’t know about their availability outside of my part of the US, but if you can get them they’re great frozen in your water. Freeze-dry strawberries by laying them out on a tray or sth in the freezer, and then when they’re frozen just put them in a bag to conserve space.

Other general tips:

  • Fruit in water is amazing when you’re someone like me who doesn’t like water’s lack of taste. Strawberries and mint leaves are fairly traditional, but basically anything you like will work. there are lots of combos online.
  • If you have a blender or a food processor, smoothies are a good way to eat something when you’re too hot to function. Fruit+ice+milk+yogurt is pretty traditional.
  • Have sunscreen. Make sure you don’t have any skin reactions to the sunscreen. If your sunscreen has fragrance, make sure you can deal with the fragrance when it’s constantly on your face in heat.
  • Speaking off: sunscreen is not just for arms/shoulders. Put sunscreen on your face, especially nose/cheekbones/forehead. Put sunscreen on the tops of your ears! If your hair has a tight part, try to put sunscreen there if you don’t wear a hat (scalp burns are PAINFUL). Put sunscreen on your legs, especially the backs of your calves. Put sunscreen on any visible parts of your feet.
  • Wear loose clothing if you can, especially if you’re wearing long sleeves. Any constrictions on your breathing feel much worse in the heat.

If you need to cool down quick, run cold water over your wrists (or put ice cubes on them maybe?). This is a trick they taught us in gymnastics class but it works just as well on hot days.

When you start getting that feeling like you’ve adapted to the heat, like it’s not bad, like you could just stay where you are for hours and hours, even get a blanket, and maybe you feel like you’re zoning out a little, it’s time to reconsider, move around, have something cool to drink.

And it can be hard to remember to eat when it’s so hot, for some reason. Cold food in small portions is generally easiest to manage. But remember to eat food with a lot of salt, a lot of potassium, a lot of vitamins. I can’t believe bananas aren’t on this post. My god, get your potassium, you’ll feel SO much better. If you’re eating something salty and it tastes unusually, amazingly good, it’s because you’re running low on salt, so keep eating it.

and seriously yeah keep an eye on people like kids and the elderly and anyone who’s under your care. ask them how they’re feeling if they’re able to tell you, and if not, try to see if they’re looking unusually unfocused, breathing too hard, haven’t had anything to drink in a while, etc.

If you bind, be even more careful about how long you bind and pay even more attention to your binder’s effects on your body.

sometimes there’s nothing else for it but to just fill a bathtub with cool water and get in. Seriously, it can be so helpful. Also, showers. Showers are good.

also take care of your dogs I don’t know anything about dogs but be careful for them! maybe look up some tips.

also could anyone who even thinks about reblogging this from me to make fun of brits, pls stop?? when it gets hot here it’s kind of awful bc A/C is rare and they’re really not used to this kind of heat. if you add any sort of teasing if u reblog this for me i will find u and push you

Seriously, air conditioning is basically not a think here. And most of our houses are designed to trap heat. Our old people’s homes are not air conditioned. Our hospitals are not air conditioned. When we have unusual heat waves people die.

If you find yourself shaking, feeling dizzy, or feeling cold in the middle of a heat wave, sit yourself down in the shade and sip water (don’t chug, you’ll make yourself throw up) until you feel normal again. These are some of the first warning signs of heat exhaustion and ignoring them is dumb.
If you’re at a sports practice or being otherwise active in the heat and you recognize these or other symptoms of heat exhaustion/heat stroke, don’t let yourself be pressured into playing through it. Listen to your body and take care of it.

I have so many British buddies, you guys, pay serious attention to the tips up above. For those who don’t know, I live in Australia, one of the driest and hottest places on earth, and we get those same temperatures that the first poster quoted, hotter in the centre of Australia. I didn’t know half of those tips, and I’ll likely utilise them next summer myself.

Please, take care in the heat, I’ll make sure to reblog this later on when it gets closer to you guys’ summer, but please, take this seriously. Even with us being used to the heat the way we are, we still have fatalities because people do not properly look after themselves.

also, since everyone always forgets – if you’re wearing sandals or flipflops, PUT SUNSCREEN ON YOUR TOES. Those little piggies are not used to being grilled, and sunburnt feet isn’t fun. Actually, suncreen everywhere (nape of neck, all over your ears, right down to your figures. Put your sunscreen on before getting dressed, and let it soak in, so you don’t get burn lines along the hems, and re-apply FREQUENTLY. In fact, if you don’t regularly use sunscreen, read this helpful FAQ

As someone with skin cancer, let me tell you, DON’T LET YOURSELF GET BURNED!


another point to cool off is behind the ears, press an ice cube there when your head feels hot

lie down on the floor to refresh, if your house is all wooden floors and carpets, the floors won’t be fresh but where there are tiles (like the bathroom) would work

and yo, if u have towels, u should soak ‘em in cold water or a tub of ice if one is accessible, and just wear it around your neck

also, the sunscreen thing is rly important
even if you don’t think you need it, you can still get sunburnt and have ur skin peeling, and that’s no fun.

If you have access to multiple floors, it can be a good idea to set up an air mattress or even just pile up some blankets on the floor and to sleep on the lowest floor you can. Heat rises, and even with a/c we used to sleep on the ground floor when we were in an old farmhouse. It’s also not a bad idea to wear loose, light colored clothing that’s a little more covering, since this helps keep the sun off of you and makes it easier for sweat to evaporate, which both help keep you cool. Idk if anyone’s mentioned this, but you can tie up loose hair in a bun or braid to keep it from sticking to your neck. It’s a small but quick thing that can make you feel a bit better, just make sure to keep the back of your neck in the shade and sunscreen.

If you plan on lying on your stomach in the sun SUNSCREEN THE BOTTOMS OF YOUR FEET. Really sunscreen every 1-2 hours and make sure you apply at least 15 min before going outside.

I like sticking my top sheet and pillowcase in the freezer about 30 min or more before going to bed. And cold wet hair is a blessing for a while if you have longer hair

About clothing: If you can wear loose clothes made of 100% cotton or linen, wear them! A lot of synthetic fibers (I’m looking at you, polyester) will stick to your skin like plastic wrap.

Also, FROZEN BANANAS. Frozen bananas are excellent. And having something salty to snack on, because it will make you thirsty and remind you to drink water, as well as replacing any salt you lose by sweating. Just keep a bag of chips (er, American-style chips, I mean) or pretzels handy and munch on them.

I get super dizzy in the heat- not related to dehydration or heat stroke or dangerous things, it’s just a thing with my body. If you’ve figured out that you do the same (and aren’t suffering heat stroke) it can be a pain. Best thing I’ve found to counter that is rest my head between my knees or on a table or whatever, face down, and put something frozen on the back of my neck. A frozen towel or ice pack or whatever. Like all the other cool down points people mention are good but I’ve found that to be the best one to counteract dizziness is the back of the neck at the base of the skull. 

Reblogging because this information is helpful for everyone around the world.  I’m heat-sensitive so I’ll be trying some of these this summer myself.

Also, when you’re hydrating — you ARE hydrating, right? Per the above recommendations? — don’t chug down an entire liter of water at once. Your body can only absorb so much so fast, no matter how thirsty you are, and you’ll just pee out the extra. Drink slowly and throughout the day. 

Put a little fruitjuice in your water, not just because it tastes better, but because when your body thinks that you’re eating food, it absorbs the water better. I use a slice of lemon, it does the trick.

Please, please, PLEASE be careful about the cool bathtub/shower advice. You might want to wait a bit after being outdoors before you try this. There was an incident with a sports player (football maybe?) Where he did something similar, only to drop dead because of the sudden decrease in body temperature. Cool off first, then expose yourself slowly to cool (not freezing) water if you must.

The cold shower thing sounds like a case of hypothermia shock which normally happens after working out and then showering immediately in cold water.

Personally I start lukewarm and then switch to cold after a little bit so I have time to adjust.

If you’re like me and struggle to sleep in hot weather, wet your sheet til it’s damp (not sopping) and sleep with that on you and a fan going - home made evaporative air conditioner! (I’m Aussie, and learnt that trick living through summer for the first time without an aircon). 

Something good to note is a sun cream called P-20. This shit is the bomb. This stuff goes on and looks like oil, it is designed so it does not wash off. You only have to apply it twice a day at the most and can only be removed with soap and scrubbing. In the 40°C summer in Turkey I spent all day, everyday in that motherfucking ocean and not once did I get burned. That shit is a god send, use it. Its a little expensive but is worth it and lasts absolutely ages.

Usually the weather is very inconsistent here in Nova Scotia but over the last couple of years we’ve had terrible heat waves with humidity. 

It’s nice to have this post to refer to during those times. 

Especially think of your pets! I don’t know a lot of tips for them but ice cubes in their water helps a little. That and putting a towel in the freezer for a bit and then putting it on the floor for them to lie on. I did this for my long haired kitty during our last heat wave and it seemed to have helped! Especially when it was close to the fan. 

Also they kind of recommend not having your windows open during heatwaves because it just lets the hot air in and if you have the fan running, it’s just circulating that hot air. I’m not sure how valid this is but again, seemed to have worked during the last heat wave we had.

Sports drinks and fruit juice DO NOT DEHYDRATE YOU for the love of GOD if you only have juice, drink juice. Sports drinks are literally made for people who need to get hydrated. Soda, tea and coffee are also fine - yes caffeine is a mild diuretic but you will still retain the vast majority of whatever you drink which is much, much better than not drinking anything (drinking plain water is still best).

Please do not take that advice. If you’re out in the heat you can drink juice, coffee and soda. Please do not pass up liquids because they aren’t pure water, this is not accurate advice

Please do not spread that advice around, either. It can literally make someone sick or get them killed.


I literally just got certified in CPR and First Aid today and they had a huge section on heat-related illness.

Heat exhaustion and heat cramps can lead to heat stroke. If you or someone you’re with is feeling exhaustion, nausea, light headed, or cramps while in the sun please stop what you’re doing immediately and seek medical attention.

Get the person to sit down in the shade and pour water on them until they start to become more coherent. Using your water bottle is fine, but the more submerged in cold water you can get the person, the better. Cool them down, but don’t continuously cool them or their body may go into shock.

Then give them a sugary or electrolyte drink, the American Heart Association specifically recommends this over water. Of course if you don’t have a sports drink, water is fine. They should start to feel more normal in a few minutes, but they should refrain from physical activity for at least 20 minutes.

If they are not showing signs of recovery after a few minutes, call 911.

While I stayed in Malta a few years ago in almost 40°C, my host family always gave us slices of melons and cucumbers to eat. They’re amazing and also made up of a lot of water!

Do research on what kind of dog you have before you shave them. Some dogs like Huskies have multiple coats and if you shave the second coat it is very bad because that coat keeps them cool and prevents sunburn. Do NOT shave your dog without making sure it is safe to do so.


i find it hilarious when ur the quiet/introverted kid and the teacher always sends ppl who are too talkative in class next to you bc they know you wont talk like

bad and naughty children get put with the Silent Man to atone for their crimes

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